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All-Wolverine Conference Team

All-Wolverine Conference Team

Off. Back of the Year ----------Chad Parrett, Rapid River
Off. Lineman of the Year -------Andrew Brunette, Rapid River
Def. Back of the Year ----------Brian Bouty, North Central
				Joe Hintz, Marinette Catholic Central
Def. Lineman of the Year -------Ken Lindholm, North Dickinson
Coach of the Year---------------Joe Reddinger, North Dickinson

Offense Backs - Chad Parrett, Rapid River* Nick Charles, North Central* Steve Grundland, North Dickinson QBack - Andy Taylor, North Dickinson* Ends - Brian Bouty, North Central Ryan Rosseler, North Dickinson Guards - Phil Arreola, Rapid River* Lucas Carlson, North Dickinson Tackle - Andrew Brunette, Rapid River (tie)Andy Berg, Bark River-Harris (tie)Andy Steinbrecher, North Dickinson Center - Don Nelson, Rapid River (tie)Sam Eggleston, Mid Peninsula Kicker - Mike Selleck, Rapid River*
Defense Second - Kevin Jayne, North Dickinson* Chad Parrett, Rapid River Brian Bouty, North Central LBack - Nick Charles, North Central* Steve Grundland, North Dickinson* Zach Nutt, Rapid River* Joe Hintz, Marinette Catholic Central* Ends - Chad Paulsen, Mid Peninsula* Adam Hausler, Bark River-Harris IntLin - Adam Veeser, Bark River-Harris* Jake Johnson, Rapid River* Ken Lindholm, North Dickinson* Punter - Eric VanDamme, Mid Peninsula* *-Unanimous Selection Back to home.
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