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The fairfax ghetto punk page

The Fairfax Ghetto Punk Page

This page is dedicated to all the punks, straight edge kids, politicals, and free radicals.

Punk's not Dead

And now a little about me.

My name is John Bergman. My friends call me Mr. John. I am 17, and I live in the most Godforsaken place in the world, Rapid River Mi. I am the only punk in my town. It snows too much here. And I get frequent head-aches from my overly cheerful classmates. If you are overly cheerful, I will be forced to shoot you in the head.I like to play guitar, read books, and re-evaluate our present government. I am against fascisim, racism, and oppression. I am looking for a nice punk chick. So if you are between the ages of 16 and 20, please e-mail me.


My favorite Bands are

As if you haven't guessed yet.

My favorite Album is

Bad Religion "Suffer"

My favorite song is

"Give You Nothing" by Bad Religion

Look for it in my lyrics page.

This web page is against racism, fascism, and oppression.

So nazi punks, get lost.

Lyrics Page!!!

Fairfax Ghetto Lyrics

Mr. John's Reading List

Mr. John's Reading List

Che Guevara 1928 - 1967

"I'd rather be a freeman in my grave, than somebody else's slave."

Rancid [from "the harder they come"]

John Bergman. Last updated 2/10/98

I am terribly sorry that this web page isn't more extreme, but I am presently under the school's control and am not able to write the things I truly want to. For example I wanted to say the titile of a Dead Kennedy's song when I said Nazi punks, get lost.
Sorry for the inconvience.